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Container bags BIG BAG
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  • - BB-1 (Flat bag top with a funnel.)
  • - BB-2 (Big-Bag applicable for loose materials which require hermetic packaging, flat top and bottom with filling and discharge funnels. )
  • - BB-3 (Big-bag with conical bottom with a discharge funnel and flat top with a filling funnel. )
  • - BB-4 (Big-bag with closed bottom, without discharge opening and flat top with a filling funnel. Used for one-off discharge of material by means of cutting the bag bottom. )
  • - BB-5 (Straight big-bag, closed bottom, open top. )
  • - BB-6 (Flat bag top with a filling funnel.)
  • - BB-7 (Big-bag with a top filling funnel and flat bottom with a discharge funnel. )
  • - BB-8 (Big-bag with a top filling funnel and flat bottom with a discharge funnel or closed bottom)
  • - BB-9 (Big-bags with stabilizer - the structure which helps to keep the shape of a cubical bag after filling.)
  • - BB-10 (Floodbanks)
  • - BB-11 (Inserts for GABION containers)
Plastic packaging
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  • - Plastic pallet covers (Heat shrink covers hold goods on a pallet and protect them against various weather conditions.)
  • - Ventilated plastic bags (Applicable for packing loose and granulated goods in many branches of industry.)
  • - Open-top plastic bags (Applicable for packing loose and granulated goods. Filling from the top, closed by welding. Open-top bags do not require any special filling devices. )
  • - Packaging foil (Available as sleeves, folded sleeves, half-sleeves or tape. Applicable for automatic packing machines.)
  • - Stretch wrap (As a manufacturer of stretch wrap we offer high quality stretch film used for protection of goods loaded on pallets as well as other shipments against getting damaged or dirty in transport.)
  • - Plastic separator (Used for lining pallets, excellent for protection of load on pallets against dirt and moisture.)
Paper packaging
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  • - Ventilated bags (Ventilated paper bags can be applied for packing loose and granulated goods in many branches of industry.)
  • - Open-top bags (Our paper bags (1 to 5 layers of paper), depending on the assumed strength, can be produced with additional PE or HDPE lining to protect content from moisture.)
  • - Cardboard protectors (Cardboard protectors produced by Cerplast are applicable for securing edges of goods transported mainly o pallets and for protection of securing tapes against abrasion.)
  • - Plain and corrugated paper ( Above all, it is very good for protection against damage which can occur in transport.)
  • - Solid cardboard barrel (Solid cardboard barrels with various diameters, made of properly reeled and glued paper.)
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  • - Cardboard boxes (Our cardboard boxes are produced of three, five and seven-layer cardboard. We offer flap-lock boxes or custom-design die cut boxes in various sizes and grammage, depending on the customer requirements.)
  • - Die cut cartons (Die cut boxes are made of 3, 5 and 7-layer cardboard with use of a die. Their scope of application is adjusted to the storage and transport conditions of specific groups of products.)
  • - Octabin - high grammage cardboard box (Octabin - high grammage cardboard box applicable for storage and transport of loose materials, also used as a bulk container.)
Wood packaging
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Packaging materials
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Refractory materials
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